What’s The Secret Of Tolerance?

In the light of current world events, we’re going to bend the definition of the data of cool for this particular post.

It turns out that the secret to tolerance is familiarity.  Pew Research recently ran a typically excellent survey about religious tolerance in America, asking people the revealing question how warm they felt towards other religions on a scale of 1-100.  

Hiding in the data is the significant difference of opinion between people who know someone of another religion and people who don’t.  If you know someone from another religion, you’ll feel an average 60/100 on the warmth scale towards that religion. If you don’t know someone from that religion, you’ll feel an average of 44/100.  So Americans feel 36% warmer to other faiths when they know someone of that faith.  There’s a similar familiarity gap for big groups, such as Evangelicals, for smaller groups, such as Buddhists and Jews, and even for atheists.  

In other words, love thy neighbor.  We have the data to prove it.

How knowing other people makes you warmer to their faith


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